Harness the Power of the Facebook Ad Library

Introducing AdFly, the iPhone app that allows users to easily compare your advertising spend, click-through-rate, and conversions to their competitors.

Key Features

Learn more about the way our app uses the Facebook Ad Library to distribute data from your competitors directly to you. Anyone can explore the Library, with or without a Facebook or Instagram account.

Access to Ad Library

The Ad Library provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook Products, including Instagram.

Target Your Audience

You can access all active ads, even ones that may not have been shown to you because you weren’t part of an advertiser’s intended audience.

Ad Data Topics

The Library contains data on every active and inactive ad about social issues, elections or politics that’s run since¬†May 2018. We’ll keep each of these ads in the Library for seven years.

Ad Library Report

We compile a snapshot of data for ads about social issues, elections or politics in the Ad Library Report. Browse, filter and download ad data.

Facebook Ad Library Report

Explore, filter and download data for ads about social issues, elections or politics. See overall spending totals, spending by specific advertisers and spend data by geographic location.

This publicly accessible report is part of Facebook’s efforts to increase transparency in advertising.

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Total number of ads in the Ad Library
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Coming Soon

We can’t wait to reveal more details about the app. Very soon you’ll be able to snag the app from the App Store!

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